Press distribution

We know the best way to run your press distribution

Using cutting-edge tools, we take your magazine to exactly the right outlets and retailers. Focussing on distribution objectives, our experienced team sets parameters such as sales forecasts and the required number of unsolds. After carrying out analysis, we provide you with advice, a concept for your press distribution and actual execution in the market. All from one place, of course. Build on our strong distribution network.

Experienced teams evaluate cutting-edge technological tools

At the core of qualified scheduling is regulation for every single issue in press distribution. Cutting-edge distribution tools help us to map and evaluate all factors and influences. However, these results can only be further processed efficiently using the expertise of our experienced scheduling teams. Distribution managers, distribution assistants, dispatchers and sales representatives work hand in hand to set various different parameters which might include circulation, number of unsolds and distributors. They might also include advice on on-sale days and the pursuit of a suitable sales strategy for your magazine title. Place your trust in our tailored concept for your press distribution.

50 years of industry expertise: efficiency guarantee for every segment

We calculate the best circulation figures for each business partner in detail. In doing so, it doesn’t matter whether you have a high-circulation magazine with sales of half a million copies per issue or a niche title with a circulation of 500 copies. We guarantee the best distribution for each and every segment. In a constantly changing market, our distribution experts respond with flexibility, whilst also taking continuity into account. Experience from 50 successful years in press distribution with over 5,000 managed issues per year makes VU Verlagsunion KG your business partner with a success guarantee in press distribution.