A strong and imaginative approach to POS marketing and PR

Strong campaigns for individual POS marketing strategies: we develop the best marketing strategy for your magazine and implement this in the retail sector, at the ‘point of sale’ (POS). We also provide you with support in the area of public relations by preparing and circulating press releases.

Innovative ideas for your tailored marketing strategy

We supply retailers, kiosks, rail station booksellers and other outlets. We personally fight for where and how your magazine title is ultimately placed on the shelf in retail with our POS marketing. Our advertising strategies include great ideas for campaigns that catch peoples’ attention. We also constantly look for new forms of presentation and smart advertising material for the perfect placement of your magazine at the point of sale. Promotion teams are used where appropriate. Our POS marketing is multi-faceted.

We communicate the reasons why magazines are indispensable on your behalf

Germany is online on many different levels. And yet, print is still the most popular media for Germans – across all generations. The Bauer Media Group’s ‘Research and Consulting’ division has shown through studies that the fascination with the printed word, the haptic experience and the conscious way in which people slow down cannot be replaced by any other kind of media: print is the most appealing media that exists. Magazines are consumed intensively, in a concentrated way, without any distractions and in a positive state of mind. These are perfect conditions under which to receive and internalise advertising messages. And that’s exactly what we communicate in our PR messages.

Our POS marketing and PR services at a glance:

  • Developing eye-catching campaigns
  • Marketing exclusive secondary placement solutions
  • Designing and producing POS advertising material
  • Using promotion teams
  • Preparing and distributing press releases