Market observation

Our market observation provides you with strategies that are based on data

An eye on everything: our market observation captures data from more than 2,000 titles. We use this data to develop the best possible strategies for distributing your magazines, and to provide you with important background information for your decision-making processes.

Capture, filter, evaluate – and respond!

VU Verlagsunion KG’s specialists in market observation monitor more than 2,000 titles. Every day, our employees evaluate the flood of information from databases. They use cutting-edge analysis tools to do so. We use the results to draw conclusions that feed into the best possible strategies for distributing your title. You receive special information packages that are tailored to your needs and topic areas so that you don’t lose sight of the various different magazines on the market. We compile a newsletter for you every day that contains our analyses. These keep you up-to-date on which new titles, campaigns and advertising activities your competitors are planning and implementing. We give you valuable decision-making aids for your marketing strategies in the form of detailed background information, such as overall or sub-market analyses.

We keep an eye on everything

Collecting an abundance of data, our sales representatives are an important instrument in market observation. As well as regular standardised shelf tracking for each retailer visit, sales representatives document POS campaigns and shelf placement. VU Verlagsunion KG’s close-knit network proves itself when it comes to being constantly represented in retail in order to register and evaluate all market activities.

Our market observation services at a glance:

  • Monitoring more than 2,000 titles as a basis for strategies
  • Daily sales analyses
  • Detailed overall market and sub-market analyses
  • Preparing daily newsletters with the most important information from the media industry (including weekly summary)