International magazine distribution

International magazine distribution based on a great network

We are experts in the area of international distribution and offer a number of services in this area: we take German titles abroad: whether on a permanent basis or on a seasonal basis in holiday regions, whether foreign language titles or audio output – our experienced foreign specialists ensure that your title is also distributed and sold internationally in the best way possible. By collaborating with long-term distribution partners and some publishing subsidiaries outside of Germany, we are kept well informed of international magazine markets. With this know-how, international magazine distribution becomes the equivalent of a home game for VU Verlagsunion.

We support international publishers in distributing their German titles on the German market. When doing so, it is important to explain the specific features of the German distribution system to foreign publishers and to adapt products to the German market in the best way possible. This is successful against a background of good communication and an intensive exchange, with a great commitment to advising our clients.

With over 300 international titles, the importation of international magazine titles into Germany has also become an integral part of VU Verlagsunion’s range of services. The main issues here are the best pricing, feasible circulation and appropriate distribution, as well as suitable approaches in niche marketing. ‘Be international’ is VU Verlagsunion’s slogan which is being creatively implemented in this particular area of press distribution in Germany.